Director Messages

It as the dream of the educationists associated with B.M. Group of Institutions to provide affordable and good education to the children of middle class families. Basant Valley Public School was conceived with this idea in mind. To provide a school that rears and cares, nurtures and moulds young minds to take the very best and later give back to the society. BVPS is a temple of learning where an effort is made to draw out the very best from body, mind and spirit (as said by Mahatma Gandhi) where the education is attraction and not repulsion. With the best inputs child is made to grow into a good citizen-physically active, mentally balanced and emotionally sound. The child is posed with challenges, sort them out and forge ahead. It is taken care that the child imbibes all the good qualities and desired values of honesty truthfulness, hygiene, obedience etc that would enshrine him/her and make him/her stand apart. Each step will take the child ahead in life to enable him to cope up with challenges in life.

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